Productboard Case Study

Product Board (PB) is a system of record that assists product management teams to get the right products to market faster. ZoomInfo helped PB identify and launch an outbound strategy, resulting in a reply rate of over 17% to their outbound emails, 65 opportunities, and over $100,000 in identifiable pipeline. ZoomInfo provides PB sales reps with valuable information on potential clients and multi-thread opportunities to increase the likelihood of closing deals and the confidence to grow.

1. What is Product Board?
Product Board is a system of record for product management teams. It aids in getting the right products to market faster by aligning everyone on the features to build next.

2. How has ZoomInfo helped Product Board?
ZoomInfo has been instrumental in helping PB identify and launch an effective outbound strategy. It has enabled them to identify new customers and to reach out to the right people with relevant messaging. This has led to reply rates of more than 17% to their outbound emails.

3. How many opportunities has Product Board generated by using ZoomInfo?
PB has successfully generated 65 opportunities by using ZoomInfo.

4. How much potential pipeline did Product Board identify by using ZoomInfo?
PB has identified $100,000 worth of pipeline by using ZoomInfo.

5. How have the tools on the ZoomInfo platform helped Product Board?
ZoomInfo’s wide suite of sales and marketing tools have helped PB with the foundational pieces of identifying potential decision-makers and launching an outbound strategy.

6. How does Product Board use ZoomInfo in its sales strategy?
Product Board's sales team uses ZoomInfo to find new contacts within potential deals, to multi-thread their opportunities and increase the likelihood of closing the deal.

7. What is the biggest benefit of using ZoomInfo for Product Board?
The biggest benefit is that PB teams have seen more success in reaching their goals. They have the tools to identify decision-makers at a potential customer, find out if that company is using JIRA (a tool PB integrates well with), and if the potential client is using a competitor's tool.

8. How does ZoomInfo contribute to the success of Product Board's sales reps?
ZoomInfo gives PB's sales reps multiple looks at their accounts to help them to be successful. Their success gives the company the confidence it needs to grow.