Clean, Duplicate-Free Data | Case Study - EFI

Learn how EFI boosted their marketing efficiency with RingLead. After too much time spent on manual data management and deduplication, EFI used RingLead to streamline their marketing and sales operations, setting them up for success in their ABM efforts.

1. What problem did EFI face before using RingLead for data management?
Before RingLead, EFI faced a huge problem with data duplication across its six business units. This negatively impacted their analytics, lead-to-contact conversion rates, and day-to-day marketing.

2. How did RingLead solve EFI's duplicate data problem?
RingLead automatically cleaned up their database, identified and resolved existing duplication, and maintained a clean database going forward. With good, centralized data, EFI could understand the entire customer journey faster and easier without searching across multiple records.

3. Why is having a single, unified lead record important for an ABM program’s success?
Lead information centralized on one record provides a comprehensive view of the customer or prospect at a glance, which is crucial for personalized marketing strategies and accurate analytics. A unified record also enables proper lead scoring.