Alchemy Cloud Case Study

Through the implementation of ZoomInfo MarketingOS, Holden Lewis, Head of Demand Generation at Alchemy Cloud, and his team were able to eliminate the entire top of their sales funnel. With marketing and sales working in sync, they were able to identify prospects and engage them with the right messaging at the right time. They used the ZoomInfo Audience Builder feature to understand what opportunities lay before them — and act on them within minutes. The Cloud Alchemy sales team no longer spends time seeking viable prospects, they know exactly how and when to reach them with MarketingOS.

1. How has ZoomInfo MarketingOS improved the Alchemy Cloud sales process?
MarketingOS has significantly streamlined Alchemy Cloud’s sales process and eliminated the entire top portion of their sales funnel. It allows them to identify potential clients and engage them with appropriate messaging at the opportune time.

2. How has Audience Builder helped Alchemy Cloud address its challenges?
With the Audience Builder tool, Alchemy Cloud’s marketing team can quickly scope the size of the market and understand the potential opportunity. We’re able to act on these opportunities in a matter of minutes.

3. What impact has MarketingOS had on Alchemy Cloud’s business?
ZoomInfo MarketingOS effectively eliminated the entire top section of Alchemy Cloud’s sales funnel. Their sales and marketing teams no longer spend time finding companies that might be good prospects. Teams know who they are, where they are, and how to get in front of them.

4. How does ZoomInfo help Alchemy Cloud’s sales and marketing teams?
ZoomInfo MarketingOS saves Alchemy Cloud’s sales and marketing teams time by quickly and easily identifying potential clients. They no longer have to spend time searching for companies that could be good prospects.