How ThinkingAhead Uses TalentOS to Improve Recruiting and Build Business

Sean Sposeep, CPC, Partner and Manager at ThinkingAhead Executive Search, explains how they use TalentOS to recruit candidates in several areas they’ve struggled with, specifically the “Diversity and Inclusion” and “Find Similar Candidates” filters. In one case, the ThinkingAhead team was able to reach 250 right-fit candidates in eight to nine weeks.

1. What challenges did ThinkingAhead Executive Search face in expanding their business?
They were struggling to get in touch with people, find potential good fit candidates, and build relationships in several areas they recruit in.

2. How has ZoomInfo TalentOS impacted ThinkingAhead Executive Search?
ZoomInfo TalentOS has significantly benefited ThinkingAhead Executive Search by providing accurate information on candidates, including cell phones, direct dials, personal emails, and business emails. Its “Diversity and Inclusion” filter has been particularly impactful, enabling the firm to provide clients with a diverse list of candidates based on gender, race, and veteran status. The “Find Similar Candidates” feature has also proven useful, allowing the firm to quickly identify and recruit potential candidates.

3. How did ThinkingAhead Executive Search address these challenges?
They formed a committee to explore solutions and found that the ZoomInfo data on candidates, including contact details like cell phones, direct dials, and emails, was comprehensive and accurate — making it an unmatched option.

4. What features of TalentOS have benefited ThinkingAhead Executive Search?
The Diversity and Inclusion filter of TalentOS allows them to research candidates based on gender, race, and veteran status. This feature is unique to TalentOS and helps ThinkningAhead respond to their clients’ requests for diverse candidate pools.

5. How does TalentOS impact the speed of recruitment?
TalentOS enables direct contact with candidates, bypassing slower methods like email or LinkedIn. This increases the speed at which they can present candidates to clients, helping to fill positions faster and positively impact their client's business.