ZoomInfo MarketingOS is a dynamic solution that helps businesses target and reach potential buyers. It uses real-time website visitor, account, and contact data to create target prospect lists to use in go-to-market activities.

1. How many fields of information does ZoomInfo evaluate?
ZoomInfo evaluates 1.5 billion fields of information every day. This ensures fresh and accurate data for more effective campaigns.

2. What is the problem with static prospect lists?
Static prospect lists start going stale as soon as they are generated. People often change roles or move to different companies, making the data quickly outdated.

3. How does MarketingOS and real-time intent data improve targeting?
MarketingOS adds real-time intent data signals to create target lists of accounts that are in-market for your solutions. Real-time intent data identifies accounts actively researching topics specifically related to your business, enabling you to reach potential buyers ahead of your competition.

4. How can I use real-time website visitor data with ZoomInfo?
ZoomInfo MarketingOS can also track real-time website visitor data and couple it with your target account profile to produce actionable lists of interested prospects.

5. How can MarketingOS help me reach my ideal audience?
MarketingOS turns accurate account and contact data into precision targeting, identifying decision-makers at good-fit companies that match your ideal customers. With dynamic audiences and MarketingOS, you can always reach your ideal audience.